Family Tracker iOS4 App: Big Brother For Big Brothers

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Family Tracker's not a new app, but this iOS4 update rescues it from near-uselessness. Thanks to the addition of multitasking, you can now track the GPS locations of family members all day, every day. Privacy invasion? Nah. That's just love.


It's a good bargain, though, compared to AT&T's similar service that can cost $15/month. Family Tracker has a one-time payment of three dollars. Locations can be viewed from a browser, so you don't even need an iPhone to play the most dangerous game—though your quarry does. Available here, now.

Family Tracker App For the iPhone 4 Tracks Users 24-7

The first iPhone app dedicated to tracking family members.

Longwood, FL - July 27, 2010 — After the success of their Sex Offenders Search app, LogSat Software released an update for another of their iPhone applications - Family Tracker. Family Tracker allows you to track your wife, husband, children and fiancée 24/7 using the new multitasking feature in the Apple iOS4.

The new Family Tracker runs in the background on the iPhone, constantly updating its GPS location. Spouses can thus instantly know their partner has safely reached their destination at home, work or during long trips. Parents can know if their children are exactly where they should be, and didn't sneak out without permission. The location can also be viewed from a web browser, so a parent without an iPhone can still easily locate the family members. Privacy concerns are nonexistent , as the owner of the iPhone has to give prior consent in order to be tracked. Family Tracker allows peace of mind be letting you know where all your family members are at all times.

Family Tracker for the iPhone retails for a one-time purchase of $3.99. AT&T offers a similar service that instead costs $14.99/month.


An occasional text message to my wife keeps her adequately updated during my business trips, uses far less battery, and is much less creepy.

I like new tech, and some things about this are cool, but in the end my practical side says "no thanks".