This Fantastic Fan Film Is The Critters Reboot We Want

The horror film series Critters is coming back as a web series, and director Jordan Downey wants to work on the reboot. So he decided to make his own Critters fan film as a pitch, and we're sold.


Downey directed Critters: Bounty Hunter with producer Ricky Fosheim, director of photography Kevin Stewart, creature effects from Troy Smith, music from Nick Soole, and Gina Luciani. There's even a little nod to Terrence Mann, the actor who played the bounty hunter Ug in the Critters movies.



I don't know why I remember this, but my first exposure to Critters was through the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. It's when Raphael, decked out in creeper trenchcoat & fedora, exits the movie theatre and passes the poster before his fight with Casey Jones.

And now you know some useless trivia, about both me and TMNT.