Fascinating video shows how a live orchestra scores an entire film

This is interesting not only because you get to see the juxtaposition of the orchestra and scenes from The Great Human Odyssey or because you learn how 70 musicians score an entire film in 3 days without any preparation or how the filmmakers painstakingly do their job, but also because it's just cool to see people play music.

The Great Human Odyssey is a three part documentary from Niobe Thompson that'll air on Canada's CBC and tell the story of, well, us. Here's what they have to say about the film score:

Filmmaker and Anthropologist Niobe Thompson teamed up with Composer Darren Fung to create a magnificent musical score for the upcoming CBC series The Great Human Odyssey. In an era when live-recorded orchestral scores are a dying breed, Thompson and Fung brought the Edmonton Symphony and ProCoro Canada to one of North America's premiere acoustic spaces: Edmonton's Winspear Centre. Over three days, over 70 classical musicians and a large team of sound recording engineers recorded a remarkable score, capped with a sold-out public performance. See what happened!


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