Fast Turnaround By Developer Results In Gary Coleman Tribute App

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Well, that sure was quick. Gary Coleman only passed away three days ago, but already there's a tribute app waiting in the Android Market, ready and waiting to provoke little tears in those red-rimmed eyes of yours to spring out.

It's free, and all the app description has to offer anyone interested in learning more about what the app can offer is the tear-soaked "we'll miss you Gary." That clears that up then. But we still don't know what'choo was talkin' 'bout, Willis.

While questions remain unanswered, the app looks like a nice gallery set of stock photos of Coleman, which you can browse through and even choose a wallpaper image from. Someone hand me the Kleenex, please. [AndroidZoom via EuroDroid]

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The way I see it, there is a lot of money to be made in these tribute apps. The trick is to get it out as fast as possible. Thats why I present to you the super-duper-quick-tribut-app-proces; guaranteed to get your tribut app out on day one!

1. Get a list of all the famous old people. The more famous and old, the better.

2. Create a generic tribut app

3. Create multiple versions, substituting photos of said old guys

4. When that person finally keels over, release the app!