Fastest AMD Opteron vs. Intel Core 2 Extreme: (Verdict: Close, But Too Close)

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AMD Opteron 2220SE 2.8GHz processors make their debut on the just-released HP xw9400 Workstation today, and they were tested on content creation benchmarks against the Intel Core 2 Extreme processor. The result? Even with two of the latest Opterons chugging away, the xw9400 barely beat the 2.93 single-processor Core 2 Extreme Precision Workstation 390 from Dell, and was even soundly beaten on some of the tests.

We're talking high-priced workstations here, where this HP xw9400 costs a cool $5999, certainly the territory of well-heeled movie producers and architectural engineers. But when we saw this pricey workstation having trouble beating that $3893 Dell Precision 390 with a single chip inside, we're starting to think AMD has a way to go before it can catch up to Intel's Core 2 architecture. Now we want to see what happens when you put this fastest Opteron against Core 2-packing Intel Xeons.


AMD Opteron vs. Intel Core 2 Extreme [Digital Video Editing]