Fasting Before a Run Probably Won't Help You Lose Weight

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There are all sorts of tech-inclined ways to attempt a workout. Some look pretty scary. But basic common sense still says you should take care of yourself. And even though some studies say different, having a snack before your run couldn't hurt.


A recent study published in Strength and Conditioning Journal showed that working out on an empty stomach actually did more harm than good:

One of the studies reviewed in that report looked at cyclists when they trained after eating and when they trained while fasting. When they trained with nothing in their stomachs, about 10 percent of the calories they burned came from protein, including lost muscle, the researchers wrote.


These findings directly contradict earlier studies published in recent years that indicate that athletes' bodies were both primed to burn fat after a fast, and sure enough did. But some researchers did admit that this weight-loss method was not for everyone.

All in all, I'm still happy to have a bite before I track my run in the morning. [NYT, MSNBC, Image Credit: Rido/Shutterstock]