"Fat Guy Stuck in the Internet" Not Based on Your Life, Surprisingly

A new Adult Swim show entitled "Fat Guy Stuck on the Internet" is coming, and you should be excited about it. Featuring actual actors in front of a green screen, it's a step away from the standard, you know, animated fare on Cartoon Network's stoner block. However, the premise, that a "rock and roll computer programmer" gets stuck in the Internet, gets chased by a mustachioed bounty hunter named Chains, and completes a quest that references basically every sci-fi movie ever.

It's based on a Web series called "Gemberling," so if this sounds intriguing be sure to check out the originals. The original series has such guest stars as Rob Corddry from the Daily Show, Rob Heubel and Paul Scheer from Human Giant, and MC Chris from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, so it's a bit better than your standard YouTube "comedies." The originals are what resulted when a couple of comedians from UCB bought a green screen on eBay and taught themselves how to use it, so expect the Adult Swim version to be a bit more polished, but there's definitely a certain charm about the no-budget versions out there now. Check 'em out before the Cartoon Network yanks them.

New Adult Swim show "Fat Guy Stuck In The Internet" coming [Tubewad]


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