Father Jumps Out of Moving Car to Save Baby Daughter From Getting Run Over

Watch this father as he jumps out of a moving car to save his baby daughter from being run over by other cars in this busy intersection of Wenzhou, a city in the east of China. It was quite the move.


Apparently, the daughter managed to jump from the back to the front's passenger seat, then opened the unlocked front door as the car was taking the curve, which made her drop onto the asphalt. Right after that, the father jumped from the drivers seat onto the passenger's seat and then onto the street in order to grab her.

The car kept running for about 30 feet (10 meters) until it hit a tree—all while the father was running to get the girl and the taxi that was about to run over her stopped hard.


Fortunately, nothing bad happened. Except for some bruising, the girl was perfectly fine. [China Central Television]

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...you do know in Asia (and many other countries) the driver's side is on the right.

which then wouldn't show the driver moving to the passengers seat, then exiting the car to get the baby, but the driver dropping the baby from the driver's side of the car.

I guess this is the new Chinese Bad Parenting Video 2012 (last years was that little girl who was ran over about 5 times before someone noticed)