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FCC and NY Attorney General 'Bout to Stomp on Comcast for BitTorrent Throttling

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As promised at CES, the giant boot of the FCC is hovering over Comcast, ready to make it the FCC's bitch for throttling P2P applications. At a hearing populated by drowsy Comcast shills, FCC Diddy Kevin Martin implied that they're about to fire up the fine canon or block Comcast from throttling P2P traffic, while Dem. commissioner Michael Copps said he wanted super clear rules:

"The time has come for a specific enforceable principle of nondiscrimination. This principle should allow for reasonable network management, but make crystal clear that broadband network operators cannot shackle the promise of the Internet."

Here's why I'm a Kevin Martin fanboy: He called out Comcast for selling tiered bandwidth packages while crapping up the service at the same time, saying "it's a little odd" before asking, "Doesn't it undermine your arguments and isn't it inconsistent?"

Topping it off, the NY Attorney General just subpoenaed Comcast for information about its non-neutral network practices, so we might be looking at even more regulatory beatdowns.


It sucks to be Comcast right now, but I've never been happier with the FCC. [NYT, NYT]