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FCC Papers Show LG May Be Building a Smartwatch With Cell Service

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Newly-surfaced FCC papers seem to indicate that LG's upcoming smartwatch will boast a 3G cellular connection. Soon you could be wearing your LG cellphone on your wrist!

Yes, the device, known only as the LG-VC100, will pack a 3G CDMA cellular connection, judging by the papers filed with the FCC. That means, hypothetically at least, that LG wants to join the ranks of the Samsung Gear S and the Neptune Pine, both of which are smartwatches with the capability to make and receive phone calls.


Judging by the dimensions listed on the FCC documents, the LG smartphone-watch-hybrid-thing will come in slightly smaller than the Gear S. It would also assumedly wear a square or square-ish display, going by the shape of the housing indicated in the papers.

Rumor has it the device will debut later this year and have service on Verizon. As with any rumor, take it with a grain of salt. But don't dismiss it entirely: By the time a device hits the FCC, it's usually something more than just vaporware. [FCC via Cnet]