Federal Judge: Sanitizing Movies is Illegal

We Gizmodians like our gadgets shiny and our movies uncut, but lots of folks want to censor movies, cutting them up the way they see fit. But a federal judge in Colorado sided with the Directors Guild of America, saying no, third parties can't edit and then re-release movies with the naughty words removed. He chewed up and spit out prude-infested companies such as CleanFlicks, CleanFilms and Family Flix USA, telling them they can't sell or rent these "cleaned-up" movies any more.

Rightfully so. These movies already had one editor. That job was done by a trained professional. As a director, the whole idea of some hack editing my work and then re-selling it makes my skin crawl. If someone doesn't want to hear certain words or phrases, the movies containing such language are well-marked. They can simply choose not to watch those movies.

Justice is done. The judge said it's up to the moviemakers to decide what's in their content. CleanFlicks plans to appeal that ruling. To those who want to censor movies, cleaning them up for their own prudish devices, here's a choice phrase, specifically edited just for them: fuck you.


Sanitizing movies illegal says judge [ars technica]

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