Feens Explains What a Maximum Tailgating Gadget Is

Eddy D., Maximum Tailgater, has a large friend named Feens. Feens wants to show you the gigantic custom grill attached to the Big Blue Bus on which he can char-broil an entire pig. We ask: can you out-tailgate Feens?

If you think you've got what it takes, draw, photograph, scan, and/or record your most innovative tailgating gadget. These are your own personal inventions, people. It can be something you already use or a fantasy tailgating gizmo, e.g., a rotating BBQ-sauce fountain shaped like a Viking (Big Red, anyone?) or a set of customized beverage koozies.


We've already received pictures of a 16-foot kitchen on wheels and a proposed "space-based grilling system" with which tailgaters can grill their food via satellite. Now that's what we're talking about.

Can you do better? We're looking for ingenious stuff, folks! Send your entry directly to Eddy D. at eddyd@gizmodo.com. He (perhaps with a little help from Feens) will pick the best eight gadgets. Then you will vote for your favorite.

The winner (and a guest) might be joining Feens and Eddy at the Big Game in Miami, courtesy of Gizmodo and Pepsi Max.

You have until October 5 to submit. So get going!

Standard contest rules apply.