Femur Bone Pen Holder

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Still stumped on what to get that orthopedic doctor in your life? How about a pen-holding femur bone? The femur bone is one of the best bones in the body because of it's size and durability, and now it can be the perfect accessory on your desk. Sit it on the desk, fill it up with pens, tell every sucker that asks that it is a real bone and then proceed to slap them in the face.


Femurs are great for holding pens [Medgadget]



Here I am hobbling around on crutches in 95 degree weather with a broken FEMUR and here Gizmodo goes making durability jokes.

p.s 25% of broken femurs need surgery requiring either a titanium nail being driven down the middle of the shaft or having some sort of erector set - like bracing put on it to hold in place....