Fender Pocket-Sized Tuner Keychain

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For the avid musician on the go, having an instrument in perfect tune is a must. Just imagine if Rush tried playing "2112" without being in tune? A disaster. Fender wants you to make sure your Telecaster, Strat, or any product made by them is in tune so they don't get a bad rep when you're playing. So they created the Speed-e (Get it? If not, go pick up guitar 101 and keep reading) keychain tuner for tuning on the go. It's about the size of a 1/4" instrument jack and has a little LED indicator. It works by tuning your high E string and then using your ear to do the rest or by playing an E on B,G,D,A, and low E. A new approach to tuning. At $19.95, the price isn't bad, either. A great gift for the holidays. We're sure you know a coffee shop musician in need of a tuner.

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