Fennec Alpha Released For Android And Nokia N900

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An early, pre-alpha version of Mozilla's Fennec mobile browser has been around for months, but the Firefox developer has today released an official full alpha for download. And it's not just Android that's benefitting—the mobile browser has also been released for Nokia's N900 smartphone.


You'll need an Android OS tagged 2.x for it to work, and Mozilla suggests it's been tested the most on Google's own Nexus One. And as you can no doubt tell from the tell-tale finger-work pictured above, Fennec comes with full pinch-to-zoom support. [Mozilla]

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For those who are getting a ".install" file: Your user agent is probably set to "Desktop". It needs to be set to "Android". Their page is thinking that you're running a Desktop Linux browser, which is apparently closer to what the N900 uses.