Fidel Castro's Reflections: The Best President For The United States (Is a Quantum Computing Robot)

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These are Fidel Castro's thoughts on who should be the next President of the United States, translated straight to English. I don't know what are they putting in his cigars these days.


The day before yesterday, a well known European news agency reported from Sydney, Australia, that "a team of Australian researchers of the University of New South Wales announced the creation of an electric cable 10,000 times thinner than a hair that could conduct electricity just like a traditional copper cable."

"... Bent Weber, project leader at the Australian university, explained in a research paper published in Science that 'having connections with cables at this microscopic [sic] scale would be essential for the development of future electronic circuits.'"

"The cable was created by Australian and American physicists with phosphor atoms chains inside a silicon crystal: the nanocable is only four atoms wide by one atom tall."

"The discovery is essential in the international race to develop the first 'quantum computer', superfast machines capable of processing enormous amounts of data in just a few seconds: a series of calculation that would take years, even decades, in current computers."

"In a traditional copper cable, the electricity is generated when the copper electrons flow along the cable. But when the cable gets smaller, the resistance to the electric current gets stronger."

"To get over this problem, Weber and his team use microscopes especially designed with atomic precision, which allowed them to place the phosphor atoms inside the silicon crystals."


"This allowed the nanocabled to act as copper would, with the electrons flowing easily and without resistance. 'We are showing a technique that is capable of miniaturizing components to the atom scale' said Weber."

"'If we are going to use atoms as bits, we need cables at the atom scale'—said the paper supervisor, physicist Michelle Simmons."


With unstoppable technology advances like this, which should serve humanity's wellfare, I remembered what I wrote four days ago about global warming and the accelerated exploitation of gas in a world that is consuming all the fossil fuel accumulated over 4,000 million years in just two hundred years.

I imagined that Obama, as the good speaker he is, for who, in his desperate search of the reelection, Luther King's dreams are light years farther than the Earth from the closest habitable planet.


Even worse: any of the Republican candidates, or any leader of the Tea Party carries more nuclear weapons on their back than peaceful thoughts in their heads.

Readers, imagine for a minute that powerful quantum calculator capable of multiplying the amount processing power of modern computer by infinite.


Isn't it obvious that the worst possible thing is the absence from the White House of a robot capable of governing the United States so it can avoid a war that can end the life of our species?

I'm sure that 90 percent of Americans, especially the hispanics, the blacks and the increasing number of the impoverished middle class would vote or this robot. [Cuba Información]


Editor note: Well, Fidel, Asimov would agree with you. Except that he wasn't a bastard communist dictator.—JD


It already happened in Fallout's universe.