Finally! A Solar Tree That Can Charge Your iPhone

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It only took few years and a few fascinating if controversial breakthroughs in solar power. Now, thanks to designer Vivien Muller, you can finally have a decorative-houseplant-cum-solar charger for your iPhone right on your desk. Just give it plenty of light.


The Electree was originally a concept debuted by Muller a few years back, and we've wanted it ever since. A few of you even recalled it after 13-year-old Aidan Dwyer's solar power design got international attention in July. Now we've come full circle. After bathing in the sun's light for about a day and a half, the tree's 27 solar panel "leaves" will have more than enough power to charge your phone.

Muller even wants to see the trees lining streets to power whole cities. Which is... ambitious. The Electree is currently on presale for $370, which is pretty steep. I still want it. [Ulele, Vivien Muller via Engadget]


Shamoononon drives like a farmer

I have one of those forty dollar wind up and solar powered radio/flashlights that will do the same thing... and let you listen to music, and provide light... and did I mention it was $40?