Finally, All of Microsoft's Mobile Failures Have Been Redeemed With This Windows 95 Phone

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By today’s standards it was ugly, it was slow, and it was primitive, but Windows 95 was the first operating system I mastered inside and out, and I’ll always have a soft spot for Microsoft’s most memorable PC OS. That can be the only explanation for why part of me would also love suffering through a mobile version of Windows 95 on a smartphone.

Microsoft’s mobile operating systems will never be remembered as a runaway success story. The popularity of the iPhone, and the endless number of Android handsets available, made it all but impossible for Windows Phone devices to grab a large enough share of the smartphone market for Microsoft to keep that division afloat.

That’s too bad, because I’m still a fan of Windows Phone’s extensive use of homescreen tiles, which YouTuber 4096 has lovingly recreated in this animated concept video that merges Microsoft’s modern mobile OS with Windows 95's design aesthetic. Clipart, gray boxes, and extensive drop shadows are back, as is Windows 95's iconic start button. It’s a good reminder of what an affront to the eyes that operating system was, but maybe Windows 95 Mobile might be just the thing to curb your smartphone addiction.


[YouTube via Tastefully Offensive]