Finally, Phone RAM as Good as the Stuff in Your Computer

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Samsung has just announced that it's rolling some pretty exciting new memory into production, which will finally bring computer-like RAM performance to your mobile.


Of course, to work that out you have to sift through all the mention of 20nm manufacturing techniques and LPDDR3 naming. What you really need to know is that it's fast: it can transmit data at up to 2,133 Mbps per pin. That's twice as fast as the previous mobile memory standard, and means it's possible to transmit three full HD videos—17GB!—in one second over the new Samsung chip when it's embedded in a phone.

It's efficient, too, with the shrinking of the chip's geometry apparently providing a 20 percent increase in efficiency. All that, and it's possible to squeeze 2GB into a stack just 0.8mm in height. Expect to see this stuff hit the next generation of super phones within the next year—and notice a big difference, too. [Engadget]


Brent Rose

This pleases the spec-whore in me.