Finally, Zen Vision Is Here

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After more than a month of hype and pre-release teasing, Creative's brand new portable media player, the Zen Vision, is finally out for public consumption. This is good, because we were getting a little tired of being yanked around, wondering if we would ever get any of that sweet and shiny Zen loving. Now that it's here, we've forgotten all about those minor indiscretions, and we're back to drooling after it.

UPDATE: Okay, Creative is nuts. They've pulled the product page for the Zen Vision AGAIN. What the hell is going on over there? Is someone just going crazy publishing and deleting the page at random? Is this Creative's way of getting back at us for preferring the iPod over the Zen Micro? Someone at Creative is toying with us, playing with our minds, until we froth at the mouth hungering for that pretty PMP.

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