If, like me, you lose your keys and wallet on an almost daily basis, then you just might be desperate enough for gadgets like this. The Find One, Find All is a little radio receiver that you attach to your commonly lost items. You can then use another one— yes, you have to buy two—to track it down. There are six keys, and additional units can be programmed to different numbers. Lost your keys? Press 1. Lost your wallet? Press 2.


The unit programmed to that number will then start to make a noise that, "gets louder the closer you get to it." Just like any other noise would do then, really. A set of two FOFAs is $24.95, and additional units are $12.47 each. If you're really dedicated to never losing your keys again, then you could splash out for the $99 Loc8tor handset, which will track down up to 24 fobs. [Inventor Spot]