Find the answer to the meaning of Life by texting Groot

Need someone to talk to? Someone to ponder the mysteries of life and the universe as we know it with? Try giving Groot a call, I hear he's a wonderful conversationalist.

Brooklyn based app developer Ricky Robinett - who previously made an app that turned Manhattan foursquare check-ins into a giant game of Risk - has created a simple, yet wonderful chat bot that lets you text Groot whenever you want, and receive the sentient Plant-person's sage wisdom in return. In the two days Robinett's bot has been active, Groot's already sent out over 30,000 texts, clearly another victim to modern day phone addiction. Two house rules, Groot: No drinking out of public water fountains, and no more texting.


Oh go on then, you can keep texting everyone.

If you want to send a message to Groot, you can text him on (866) 740-4531.


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