Finland Chooses Nokia 3310 As Its National Emoji

Were you recently on holiday in Finland, unable to express your happiness about the Nokia to all your tween friends through the medium of Snapchatted emoji? If so, the Finnish tourist board has just come to the rescue.

Finland’s official tourism website has designed a series of national emoji—the first nation to do so, as ThisisFINLAND proclaims with what we assume is pride. The emoji are supposed to “reveal the weirdnesses and the strengths of the country and its people”.


There are three national emoji: the Sauna, a picture of several naked sweaty people; the Unbreakable, a basic drawing of a Nokia 3310; and the Headbanger, apparently a depiction of how Fins like to get crazy from time to time.

There are more emoji coming, though: the full set of 30 will be revealed as part of a Christmas calendar, starting on December 1st.


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