Yeah, that picture pretty much speaks for itself, doesn't it? Finn is feeling butt-dumps ever since his dad re-entered the picture (and then left again), he lost his arm, and Flame Princess dropped him. His flower is even wilting. Doctor Princess prescribes her patient a heavy dose of fun, but Finn isn't sure how he's going to swing that. His only idea is to make out with Crab Princess at her party that night. And as he heads over to the beach where it's held, we see our hero as he is above. But little does he know, someone has been watching him and spotted something she likes.

At the party, everything is jumping. Princess Bubblegum is spinning ill beats (her ex-boyfriend Mr. Cream Puff was even hanging out with her. Possible scandal in the candy kingdom?) and everyone is dancing it up. Finn is just sitting on the sidelines though, watching as Raggedy Princess tries to sip her juice with no hands. And just when the party seems hopeless for him, Finn is beset by a big ol' honey bee. He shakes her off and she apologizes for not realizing there was a person attached to his flower.

They strike up a conversation with Finn talking about how he doesn't know how to put the moves on Crab Princess, and the bee (Breezy) says she'll help. Granted, she just wants to stay close to Finn's flower, but she does help him seal the deal. Finn and Crab Princess "make out" (really just a peck, which is silly and cute for a kid's show) but he doesn't feel any better. And thus begins a long parade of trying to make out with every woman in the Land of Ooo.


Finn kisses some random snake priest, muscle princess, and starts hanging out with Frozen Yogurt Princess. He doesn't look any happier after all his escapades, and Jake can certainly tell (he's also trying something new and 3D with his head). He also remarks that FY Princess looks a lot like Flame Princess with a touch of PB β€” and he's kind of right. Finn doesn't take kindly to Jake pointing out the similarities and sort of flips out a bit.

He runs outside to get some air and Breezy tries to comfort him. Finn feels like giving up and letting his flower die, but Breezy can't let that happen. She tries giving Finn a pep talk and talks about her future duties as a queen bee β€” how she's not looking forward to being stuck in a hive. But once she sips that royal jelly, it's a whole new life for her. Someone else's problems take Finn's mind off his own.


Caught up in the fun (and Breezy trying to get close to Finn's flower), the two take a tumble over a waterfall and end up at some other hive full of bee-racists. They don't like that Finn is hanging out with a young she-bee like Breezy, and they take matters into their own hands. And as they pummel the hell out of Finn, Breezy decides she has to save him. Flying into the hive, she nabs the racist-bees' royal jelly and downs it, transforming herself into a true queen.

Once she finishes her transformation into some kind of psychic mech, she disposes of the bad bees and saves Finn. And then, full of royal honey and adrenaline, she professes her love for Finn. Lucky him β€” he can eat Breezy's pollen and become her loyal drone. Except Finn doesn't want any part of that. He's just trying to keep it casual. This crushes Breezy and she takes off.


That's when Finn reaches his most desperate β€” he hits up Lumpy Space Princess. She isn't satisfied with the single kiss, though. She wants to go off the deep-end. After that, the episode cuts to Finn laying far away from LSP (purposefully making us what happened in the gap), looking sorely disturbed.


And then something magical happens. Breezy returns amid glowing fireflies and serenades Finn with a song of love. The thing is, he confuses her for Princess Bubblegum in his groggy stupor. Still, the feelings that stir in his heart reinvigorate his flimsy flower, triggering a strange transformation.

Finn's flower blossoms into a mighty tree branch, stretching high into the sky before exploding. All that remains is a hollow looking tree-trunk kind of thing. Curious, Finn cracks open the tree to find a long lost friend inside, covered in honey.


Psyched as hell, Finn dances about at the return of his arm β€” but he is surprised to see his new queen-bee friend there instead of P-Bubs. Then, like most episodes, things end abruptly as Finn's flower lands on Breezy's and she kisses it.

Additional Musings

  • What exactly is going on there with that thorn in Finn's hand? Could that be his "curse" coming back again? I sure hope so.
  • What exactly was the hallucination of Princess Bubblegum holding? It was obviously a sword, but I doubt it was meaningless. Almost everything is symbolism.
  • Will Breezy ever be back? She seems like a pretty potent force to just disappear after one episode. And it's rare for anyone to show up only once.
  • I hope we'll get to see Flame Princess again. I'd really like for Finn to get some legitimate closure. Plus I want to see Cinnamon Bun again now that he's fully baked.


I really liked this episode. Breezy was a charming character and she even proved to be bad ass. I am totally ready for Finn to stop being such a downer, but I'm hoping the return of his arm will solve that problem. Still, I'm looking forward to next week's episode much more. It's finally time Masaaki Yuasa's episode