Fire + Water = Hearthfall

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Here's a combination of the soothing effects of a waterfall with the tranquil cracklings of a fire: the Hearthfall. Think of it as a facade for your fireplace, giving that focus of your living room's attention something to do during the summer. What's that? The TV is the focus of your living room? You have our sympathy.


There's a variety of styles crafted of your choice of woods and stone, and each has a back panel that can be removed to view a fire in the fireplace behind it. There's such a bunch of choices, you must sort out your configuration just like you would a PC, and these things aren't cheap, either. Some of the marble units cost well over $2000. But stare at one of these instead of the TV for a while, it'll do you some good.

Product Page [Hearthfalls, via Coolest Gadgets]



I think I would really enjoy this, as long as I wasn't the one to have to put a new log on the fire.