Firefox Debuts Baby Firefox Webcam

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Did you know the titular "firefox" of web browser "Mozilla Firefox" is not a pyromaniac fox, but a red panda? To clarify this, Mozilla has embarked on the cutest marketing ploy ever: adopting baby firefoxes and putting them on webcams.


Firefox LIVE features six cams trained on two female red panda cubs, their parents, and their aunt, all of which live at the Knoxville Zoo and with sponsorship from Mozilla. Here's a video I made while watching the "Snuggle Cam" just now:

Firefox LIVE also has cub naming contest (my idea: "Julia Allison") and a clever marketing ploy: If enough people download Firefox 4, the baby firefoxes get a treat. They are currently 56% of their way to earning a jungle gym. Can you imagine how cute these baby firefoxes will be playing on a jungle gym?! This is the most effective consumer incentive I have ever encountered, and I say that as a woman who won a tub of Beanie Babies at the mall in fourth grade.

What if we made a Gawker LIVE site featuring some sort of Gawker-like animal (buzzards? sea monkeys?) romping around on a webcam? Would you guys watch it? What would you like to see? [Firefox LIVE]



Red pandas are pretty much the cutest things ever. When I went through my red panda phase (I know, right?), I stumbled upon this great video on Youtube.