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First 3G BlackBerry Pearl 2 Video Leaks, Earns 'Striker' Codename

Illustration for article titled First 3G BlackBerry Pearl 2 Video Leaks, Earns Striker Codename

Whatever you call the upcoming 3G BlackBerry Pearl 2 in your head— 9100/Stratus/Striker/slinky little minx, it's just been given another fondling, and this time, on video.


Claiming it's a "little too tiny," fondler Salomondrin says it's still slightly bigger than previous Pearl models, keeping in mind it's been styled after the latest Bold. The camera has been updated to 3.2-megapixels with a flash, and has Wi-Fi along with that much-needed 3G. Running on BlackBerry OS in the video below, you can see the trackball has been swapped for the optical trackpad seen on the Curve 8530 and Bold 9700, and it's also got the new multimedia buttons on the right side.


I'm far too attached to QWERTY to even consider this new Pearl 2, but if you're looking for something slimmer and more candybar-like, schedule April in for a potential launch date. [Salomondrin via PhoneArena and CrackBerry]

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So, why not just opt for a Bold? I understand carrier constraints, but the Pearl has always struck me as an exercise in useless product expansion.