First Avatar Photo Offers Best View of the Na'Vi Yet

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The first official photo from James Cameron's Avatar has finally come to light, giving us our first nearly full-bodied look at the mysterious blue aliens of Pandora. Mild spoilers ahead.

This morning, the folks over at /Film received and posted the photo above, which depicts Sam Worthington as paraplegic war veteran Jake Sully as he sits in front of the tank holding his Avatar. The Avatar, a body grown using a combination of human and Na'Vi DNA, requires a "driver," whose brain is hooked up to the Avatar. The Avatar not only allows Sully to blend in with the Na'Vi, it gives him the opportunity to walk again.

The picture offers a fairly good, if water-logged, sense of how Cameron's Na'Vi look, although we don't get the full effect of their lankiness (or their dexterous tails). It's also worth noting that Fox has actually approved the release of this images, suggesting as we get closer to Avatar Day, we might be seeing more images and information from the tight-lipped production.


You can also check out the hi-res version here.

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