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First Bloody Details From Rodriguez's Predators Give Us Hope

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

More details of Robert Rodriguez's Predator reboot have emerged, including Danny Trejo's bad ass character, a supreme alien species, and a bloody human-versus-alien rumble in the jungle that would make even Arnold proud. Meet team humans — spoilers ahead.


Latino Review has a sneak peek inside Robert Rodriguez's Preadators film, and thankfully it sounds like the "shoot 'em up, chase and fight" movie that belongs in the Predator franchise. No deeper meanings, no alien discovery — just them versus us.

Here are a few highlights from their report. As we know the bulk of the film takes place on the Predator home planet, which is a giant jungle similar to Earth in the Cretaceous period. Our hero is Royce, a "Steve McQueen" type.


The film begins back on Earth, when Royce gets in a fight with another human, and kills his opponent — but some Predators are watching the whole thing from behind their camouflage screens. The Predators like what they see, so they kidnap Royce and shoot him over to their home planet.

Royce, along with seven other abducted humans, all wake up after parachuting into the Predator home planet. This surly bunch of brutes were all collected because they are the best of the worst on Earth. And the Predators will be hunting these supposed baddest humans on Earth — or Earth's answer to Predators, if you will.

The seven include:

  • Cuchillo A Mexican enforcer from the drug cartel, who is Danny Trejo's character.
  • A Russian named Nikolai with a four barrel gas powered rotary machine gun....close to The Body's weapon.
  • The token female role goes to Isabelle, a "tough as nails" lady who can speak French and carries a sniper rifle.
  • A possible skin head convict, who is armed only with a prison made knife, is also in the group.
  • Plus a Japanese enforcer who appears to be carrying a samurai sword,
  • a member of the Sierra Leone death squad,
  • and a small "unassuming" man named Edwin who was on the FBI's most wanted list.

They figure out relatively quickly that this is a "kill or be killed" game. So they make haste in this massive jungle, while being hunted by two Super Predators and their leader, the Black Super Predator. LR describes these baddes as "the regular Predator on steroids." Excellent.


Eventually the super Predators raise the stakes on the gang, including one human they pick up along the way in the jungle, and force all the madness to an accelerated climax. LR claims that there may be a Predator cameo, and drops a hint about who it could be. (Thankfully, it doesn't seem to be Danny Glover.) To learn more about the script and the rest of the team, watch the Latino Review video which contains additional details.