The Machete Joins The New Predators Fight

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It's official: Genre cult character staple Danny Trejo is going to be in the next Predator film. That's a plus, as Trejo is one of the few living actors big enough to take on a Predator. More Predators casting below.


We reported speculation that Trejo would be in this movie in today's morning spoilers, but now it's sounding more likely. And that's a good thing for director Nimród Antal.

Punch Drunk Critics snagged Trejo and he spilled the beans that he'd be in the Robert Rodriguez-produced Predators film. Which is rumored to be filming in Hawaii very, very soon. Here's the entire interview.

And some people are interpreting Trejo's comments as meaning that Kristine Klebe, who's with him during the interview, will be in the film too.

The only other actor rumored to be in this film, according to imdb, is Michael Jai White. Who could still stand to put on a few pounds, if he wants to stand next to Predator giants like Jesse "the Body" Ventura, and the almighty Arnold. Trejo is definitely a step in the right direction.



I want to see Predator Vs. Machete.