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First Details on the Asus Eee Box

Illustration for article titled First Details on the Asus Eee Box

Asustek has dropped some details on that Eee Desktop PC EP20 we've seen floating around. First off, it has a more catchy name—the Asus Eee Box.


Expected for a global launch this July in both Linux and Windows XP versions, the cheapest model will start at about $330 and pack an 80GB hard drive (maxing out at 250GB). Standards for the line will include 802.11n Wi-Fi, 4 USB ports, and a slot for various flash memory cards. There's no word on the processor at this time, or whether or not the Eee Box will be packing an Atom like its mobile sibling. [PCWorld]


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@lusisfall: Funny, I seem to remember a contest in which a certain fruit-based maker's browser was the first to be hacked. Microsoft is the source of many of my daily headaches, but we have to be fair. By the way, the servers I administer are running Open Enterprise Server so I'm no Microsoft fanboi.