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Asus Eee Desktop PC EP20 Images Leaked

Illustration for article titled Asus Eee Desktop PC EP20 Images Leaked

We brought you news about the Eee Desktop PC EP20 a little while back, but it looks like the chaps at Hot Hardware have managed to get hold of some shots of the final, production line models. Unfortunately, they aren't willing to cite their source, but they are willing to say that the images "are indeed shots of an Asus Eee PC Desktop product that should be arriving to market some time in the next quarter or so." From what we have previously seen, the EP20 isn't quite as small as a Mac Mini, but we're still liking the design. The bubbly pattern on the side of the white edition just makes us all fizzy with excitement. We can't wait. [Hot Hardware]


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@weatherman: i'm pretty sure it would fall over without the stand, but hey, let me know how that turns out for you!