First footage of Doctor Who's Christmas special!

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The mysterious time-traveling Doctor has been called many things, from "the on-coming storm" to "the lonely god." But watch as he calls himself something you've never heard before, in a precious snippet from the Christmas special. Minor spoilers ahead...


Here are the 17 awesome seconds from this year's Christmas special, culled from a new trailer for all of the BBC's fall and winter programmes:

So I guess this really is a retelling of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, with Michael Gambon as Scrooge. Huh. That will be something. Actually, if the show is committed to doing a Christmas episode every year, the Dickens approach seems way better than just throwing some robot Santas or robot Angels into an unrelated storyline.

Here's the whole fall/winter trailer, which is honestly worth watching for all the glimpses of Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith in non-Doctor Who roles. You could almost trick yourself into thinking this is the trailer for some kind of "X Doctors" special:

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Oh why oh why can't BBC America really just be BBC in America. I'd pay for that in a heartbeat and I don't even have cable.