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First iPhone Video Recorder Software With Audio

Here's some iPhone software that is supposedly the first to record audio on top of video, at 128kbps sound and 320 x 416 video res. That makes it good fix for the iPhone's official lack. In 2 months, when official third party software goes live, will anyone be able to replicate such a feat and access the hardware at such a low level using Apple's SDK? Will it matter if an iPhone part deux already has the feature? Either way, better now then never. You can install it via [mytriniphone]


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@gamecrazychris: They don't charge you anything to use it, but it's limited to 30 seconds and gives a nag screen every time you open it. Also, somebody on the TUAW thread about this app linked to a way of getting around the evaluation limitations, on account of the developer's use of open source code. Nerdy vigilante justice, I guess.