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First LG Chocolate BL40 Official Shots Don't Surprise, Still Stun

Illustration for article titled First LG Chocolate BL40 Official Shots Dont Surprise, Still Stun

Short of price, release date and carrier(s), there's not a whole lot that hasn't been leaked about LG's comically long next generation Chocolate, the BL40. But somehow, these first official shots are still enticing. I mean, look at it.


Shock and mystery, I suppose, are at the core of the BL40's appeal, at least until someone actually gets to try one. For everything we do know, and can see reconfirmed here—the featurephone OS, the 5-megapixel camera, the 21:9 screen, the forward-facing videocalling sensor—there's a less observable thing that we don't: How does it feel in your pocket? Your hand? How well does browsing work? How does this phone deal with video that's not encoded for silly-wide displays? And until we find out that LG hasn't discovered clever and/or magical solutions to these potential issues, ogling is the order of the day. [LG]

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I'm actually impressed by this (stop laughing), because when I hold my tiny little cell phone, the mic sits about halfway up my jaw and I have to talk loudly to be heard correctly. As for video playback, I could see a sidebar next to reg widescreen that allows for related dynamic content (non-intrusive subs, song lyrics, DVD cover art, menus, etc.). Hell, use the extra space as a real-time display for the camera to allow you to take pics or even make calls during a video.