First Look At Star Trek Online Ruins Our Sexy Green Alien Fantasies

Click to viewWhat's the point of playing Star Trek Online if you're not going to get to explore green alien hotties? New game play footage of the Star Trek MMO premiered at the ST Convention in Las Vegas this weekend, and while the space shots are strikingly beautiful, the characters themselves leave much to be desired. Click through for the panel video.

I'm sorry, but if exploration is the main focus of this MMO, what's the point if everyone looks like a blocky CG character from the 90s? I need barely clothed green ladies, and I need them now. But besides the predictably bad graphics for an MMO character, the actual landscapes look spot on fantastic.


While I want a little more from my characters in this new Star Trek MMO the Borg ships and varying takes on the Enterprise are interesting. I'm excited to see what new worlds and ships the people over at Cryptic Studios will bring us. That being said according to chief creative officer Jack Emmert, it could be about 3 years until this MMO is released.

Players can look forward to building their own races, ships and crew. Yes, there will be a holodeck, and you will even be allowed to add a holodeck character to your crew.

Star Trek Online Las Vegas Webcast from Cryptic Studios on Vimeo.



3 freaking years?

What a laugh at an unexcusable error!

As is if the new movie is not bad enough, maybe they want to wait until it's out and has destroyed star trek as we know it, before they release what is clearly shaping up to be the biggest bit of vaporware since duke nukem2.

One more nail in the coffin of star trek by a corporation that fails to respect it's audience.