First "Nutcracker In 3D" clip ruins Christmas

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Watch this terrifying clip from the horrific live-action Nutcracker adaptation, in which an evil wooden boy feasts on the entrails of Father Christmas. Or something. We're not sure because we started crying and ran away. Christmas is canceled, everyone.

Here it is, courtesy of ComingSoon. Remember what is seen cannot be unseen.


Did you make it through that? Great, it's about to get a whole lot worse. Here's the full-length trailer for the EPIC Nutcracker movie. Including some sort of Phil Spector rat villain who actually stretches out his face and growls at a pack of children. Also, there are creepy old men who pull little girls through a mirror (presumably to their death), some sort of half-ape half-man creature, Nathan Lane's hair, and of course that terrifying, terrifying wooden doll creature. Yes, we know that the Nutcracker is meant to be a little frightening, but we're not sure this CG nightmare is what E. T. A. Hoffmann had in mind.