First Peek at the JooJoo Tablet's Guts

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When Jason first played with JooJoo's tablet, he caught a fleeting glimpse of a 1.6GHz Intel Atom in the device's BIOS. Via the FCC, now we know for sure: It's based on the Atom processor, and as predicted, Nvidia's Ion.

The rest of the tablet's innards are pure netbook, which marks a totally different approach than Apple took with the iPad, which is, in hardware terms, a scaled-up phone. The Atom N270 + Ion combo bodes well for performance—we've already seen the JooJoo decode HD video without any trouble—but not so much for battery life, which JooJoo claims runs for five hours, to the iPad's ten.


But honestly, hardware is less than half the story: It's software that's going to win the tablet wars, and with their latest UI revamp, Fusion Garage seems to at least know this, for what it's worth. (A little!) [JkkMobile]

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soo...It'll be hacked and run Windows 7 or Phone 7 soon?....