First Peek Under Windows 7's Hood in October

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Sure we know about some of Windows 7's more eye-catching features like multitouch and sweet maps, but Microsoft hasn't revealed a whole about what's under the hood, other than that it'll use Vista's foundation. According to the new Windows 7 dev blog, we'll get our first peek at the Professional Developers Conference on Oct. 27 and the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference the week after. Make it good is all I've got to say. [Engineering Windows 7]


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The part that bothers me are the words "Vista foundation." The phrase "painting on top of bumps and cracks" and the idea of years of bloatware comes to mind. I agree with many editorials out there that the next iteration of Windows Mobile will be started from scratch - I heard that Windows Mobile 8 would be done that way, but that's ways off. And Windows 7 should be written from scratch as well... imagine they started with a Unix core as OS X did. While they would have done another copycat of Apple, I feel they could actually level the playing field and bring respect back to the company and their flagship product name.