Windows 7 Will Have Same Foundation as Vista, Be Mostly Secret Until Launch

Microsoft's Windows chief Steven Sinofsky gave an interview to CNet News, throwing out some tidbits of knowledge on what's to come in Windows 7. Of the few details Steven actually gave out, the most interesting one is that it won't be using MinWin, a tiny Kernel that was supposed to replace the one in Vista. Instead, they're going to use an "evolutionary improvement" to Vista's, and have the exact same driver and software support as before. No XP -> Vista upgrade fiasco repeat.


Also, Windows 7 will be available in both 32-bit and 64-bit, just like Vista is, so don't expect a 64-bit revolutionary OS that forces all developers to go 64-bit. Steven also admitted that marketing and communications mistakes were made with Vista insofar as they revealed too much to the public too soon, and when features were cut, developers were upset. Expect a much quieter run-up to Windows 7's launch this time. Yes, that was the problem with Vista. [CNET]

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