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Windows 7 Features Revealed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Click to viewClick to viewHere's what Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer revealed about Windows 7 at All Things Digital a few minutes ago. The biggest "feature" is the touch and multi-touch integration, which takes many of its roots from Microsoft's Surface Table, and will be available as an interface options for other apps. Here's some more stuff they pulled out, which we captured in photos here.

• There will be a OSX-like dock, though how OS X-like is yet to be seen.

• Multi-touch gestures in photogalleries like two-finger zoom, flicking, and panning. Think of the photo app on the Microsoft Surface table.

• Multi-touch paint program where you can draw with 10 fingers (again, think of what you've already seen in Surface)

• Multi-touch piano app

• In-depth mapping application that pulls from Microsoft's Live Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth


Looks like a LOT of the multi-touch features were culled from the Surface team, and the non-touch features look fairly similar to what's already in Vista (based on the video above). Those apps are demo apps only, and will be revised/rewritten/reworked before the final version of Windows 7 is available. All this will be yours in about 18 months. [Vista Blog]