First Pics Of Starship Troopers' Armor And Heroes' Gun-Toting Ex-Blonde

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There are a whole weekend's worth of spoilers to catch up on this morning, including some new pics of the filming of Heroes season three that include that gunshot we've heard so much about. And some new Starship Troopers 3 pics include a gun-waving Jolene Blalock and some awesome new hardware. Two new Doctor Who trailers include a deadly villain saying his first words. And a Lost producer explains what'll happen in season five — in a nutshell, you'll get more confused. There's also a new photo from Gerard Butler's Game, and some news about a new character on Eureka. It's raining spoilers!


Here's another new image from Game, the new movie about Gerard "300" Butler being trapped in a video game and forced to kill to survive. [First Showing]


Starship Troopers: Marauder:

The Starship Troopers 3 fansite got some new images from the direct-to-DVD movie, including what the new marauder armor will look like, some kind of lander vehicle, and Jolene Blalock looking awesome. More pics at the link. [Starship Troopers 3 via JoBlo]



Lost producer Carlton Cuse spilled some new info. In Lost season five, Jack will become more of a man of faith, and Locke will become more of a man of science. We'll learn what happened to Locke (and the Others) after he embraced his destiny to be "in charge" of the island. Also, Locke's story isn't done yet, and there's a hint that he may have a Jesus-esque resurrection. Meanwhile, Kate will end up with either Jack or Sawyer eventually.


Also, people's theories about the show are wrong because you don't have enough information and the explanation for everything isn't simple. [Lost Spoilers]


The first four episodes of Heroes season one are called "The Butterfly Effect," "Dreamtime," "One Of Us, One Of Them," and "The Year Of Our Lord." ("Dreamtime" introduces that Aboriginal storyteller we've mentioned.) And the fifth episode introduces a mean SOB named Eric Doyle, a white guy in his thirties or forties, who's "hideous, horrible and big," and who "delights in controlling others." He'll also be in the sixth episode, and possibly beyond. [Spoilerfix]


And remember that spoiler we posted about a dark-haired Claire (from a future/alternate dimension) shooting her uncle Peter and saying she's always loved him? Well, here are a couple of pics of that scene being filmed. Also visible: Future Peter, complete with scar. (More pics at the link.) [Just Jared]



Eureka will introduce a new character this season: Lexi (Ever Carradine), the free-spirited sister of Sheriff Carter, who appears in at least four of this summer's eight episodes. [Hollywood Reporter]


Doctor Who:

As usual, Digital Spy has posted some spoilers for this Saturday's "Doctor Who episode, along with three fake spoilers. The one about K-9 rescuing the Doctor's daughter from a black hole seems obviously fake, although you never know. And it's definitely true that Wilf wields a cricket bat, since it's in the trailer. Here's the list:

  • Wilf wields a cricket bat.
  • Davros has been harvesting bees into a new army of Daleks.
  • The Daleks know the identity of a certain former Prime Minister.
  • Captain Jack becomes angry at Paul O'Grady's effect on Ianto Jones.
  • A certain body part in a jar is bubbling.
  • A Dalek exterminates the Torchwood pterodactyl.
  • The fate of a character from 'Voyage Of The Damned' is revealed.
  • Wilf was banned from using a webcam as there were suspicions over what he might use it for.
  • Project Indigo holds the key to salvation.
  • The Doctor's daughter Jenny is trapped near a black hole, but K-9 is sent to rescue her.
  • A Dalek speaks to Mr. Smith.
  • The Time War was 'time locked', or so thought The Doctor.

[Planet Gallifrey]

And here's a new teaser trailer featuring the sporty red Dalek. And another trailer, with Davros speaking! [TARDIS Base]

Also, the official cast list for Saturday's episode includes Martha's mother, Sarah Jane's computer "Mr. Smith," Sarah Jane's adoptive son Luke, plus Richard Dawkins and talk show host Paul O'Grady playing themselves. [Doctor Who Hideout]