First Screening Of The New Twin Peaks Blu-ray Left Everybody Mystified

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Some 90 minutes of deleted scenes and outtakes from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me have been compiled into a new Blu-ray release called Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery. Apparently this previously unseen footage helps to answer some of the lingering questions left after that movie. But the first screening left people none the wiser.


Variety says the screening of the footage (which started with David Lynch intoning a poem about a tree) "was a little hard to interpret except for diehard "Fire Walk With Me" fans."

But Starpulse has also screened the footage, and says it includes, among other things:

-folks not seen or only glimpsed at in the original film are given more time here – Kyle MacLachlan, Dana Ashbrook, Madchen Amick, Eric DaRe, Joan Chen, Michael Ontkean, Kimmy Robertson, Harry Goaz, Peggy Lipton, Everett McGill and the late great Jack Nance to name a few – but strangely all deliver lines and come off in a Lynch like weird way that may disturb fans of the TV show's more light characters and also hints at why some may not have been used in the final film

-finally insight into the character of FBI guy Phillip Jeffries played by David Bowie who got shortchanged for time in the original film (though nothing more on the whole long-bearded Jurgen Prochnow two-knee slapper cameo – still just the one scene dammit!)

-extra clue's into Cole's Blue Rose Cases

-more with small sized Michael J. Anderson as the Man From Another Place

-various acts of deviance by Laura leading up to the murder

-finally, and most surprisingly, there's some further scene insight that goes BEYOND the season 2 finale where Cooper dove into the mirror


Read more details over at Starpulse, and see the whole thing for yourself in a couple weeks.