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First Useful TV Packaging In History Transforms Into a TV Stand

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Wouldn't the packaging for a big-screen TV be the perfect size for a TV stand? Yes, and a clever designer decided to do just that. We knew there were some tricky designers working on various packaging techniques for electronics devices, judging from all the puzzle-like intricate packing schemes we've seen in the hundreds of devices passing through here. So finally, one designer got his shit together, and decided to put all of that packing material to good use. How is it done?


First of all, designer Tom Ballhatchet placed wheels on the package itself, making the bulky box easier to roll from store to home. Then he placed the TV set into an expanded polypropylene shell, perfectly molded to its shape. Once you get the package home, the areas that the screen occupied inside this package can be used as shelves for the TV stand, and the wheels pull off the bottom of the box and can be inserted into the stand. The result? The first useful TV set packaging we've seen.

Heck, a lot of buyers who overspent on that TV set are probably already using the box it came in as a TV stand—now it's been prettied up considerably and made more practical. A lot of the TV stands on sale these days are made out of glorified cardboard anyway, so why not just put that packaging to good use? Nice.

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