Illustration for article titled Fisher-Price iCan Play Case Gives Your iPhone the Trappings of a Real Toy

Shoving your iPhone at your screaming kid in the backseat is kinda lowest common denominator parenting. But once you pop it into Fisher-Price's colorful Laugh and Learn iCan Play rattle it becomes a whole lot more like a real toy. Better for both you and baby!

The iCan Play case, out later this year for $20, protects iPhones and iPod Touches from whatever sticky fingers may be poking their way (and hides the home button, keeping kids locked into the app of your choosing.) To that end, Fisher-Price has three kid-friendly apps ready for download—Where's Puppy's Nose, Let's Count Animals!, and Animal Sounds—all of which have nice, bright graphics and respond variously to pokings, tiltings, and shakings. Hey, it's more fun than letting your kid scroll through your Address Book. A lot less dangerous, too. [Fisher-Price]

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