Fix Your Busted Lens With a Jar of Peanut Butter

With this imaginative fix, you can watch your camera fall to the earth with slightly less trepidation, secure in the knowledge that a trip to the grocery store and some everyday tools could make everything OK.

When Casey Neistat broke the rim on his DSLR lens, he didn't bitch and moan. He got crafty and devised a solution using the lid of an ordinary peanut butter jar. It looks like this fix might be dependent on the type of lens you have. With Canon glass, for example, you can't simply unscrew and remove the plastic rim as Casey does in his video.

Nevertheless, the ethos here is commendable. Next time life gives you lemons, get all MacGyver on those lemons! [YouTube via F-Stoppers]

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Was anyone here traumatized by The Peanut Butter Solution as a kid, like I was?