Flash Memory May Be 10,000 Times Faster In Just Three Years

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Most mobile devices today use NAND flash memory. It's fast! But ReRAM—a joint project of Sharp and Elipa—promises to be 10,000 times faster. And they say they can commercialize it by 2013. What's that mean for you?

For starters, tablets and phones that can download a full HD movie in a matter of seconds. But almost more importantly, practically zero power consumption when the device is in standby mode. ReRAM (Resistive Random Access Memory) is expected to hit mass production "as early as" 2013, which probably means we're in for a longer wait than that before we see it in our pockets. And there aren't any details about how, exactly, they plan to achieve all this.

But! If they can deliver anywhere close to what they're promising, the future sounds like a very pleasant place indeed. [Reuters]