Illustration for article titled FlashPoint ES Torch is Actually a Pocket-Sized Microwave

According to BookofJoe, the image above originated in a recent issue of the Financial Times 'How To Spend It' magazine. As the caption notes, the FlashPoint ES Torch is described as a mini-microwave "Exo-Stove" that can be twisted to focus its energy on a cup of coffee, soup, etc in order to cook it. There isn't a shred of info about the device online, but my guess is that if it does actually exist it would be similar to the Wicked Lasers Torch I reviewed last month. As you can see in my test video, that flashlight was easily capable of setting paper on fire and would probably do a decent job of heating up various foodstuffs. In other words, its probably just a clever marketing gimmick. [BookofJoe via OhGizmo]


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