Flat Panel TV Frame for Technophobes

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Are you more traditionalist than tech-obsessed, but still like those flat panel TVs? This Chadwick Flat-Panel TV Frame might soothe that technophobia by disguising your TV as a picture hanging on the wall.


It's not the first frame-up for LCDs and plasmas, but this one's available in three sizes, built to fit around either a 37-inch, 42-inch or 50-inch flat panel display, and then it takes its place on your wall as just another object in your art gallery. Maybe this would be a good gift idea...?

Only available in one color, black (alluringly named "Espresso Stain") this frame is sure to take its place above fireplaces all over middle America, but we'd rather flaunt our tech, leaving those flat panels unadorned and all by their lonesome on the wall for all to see.


Framing that sucker up reminds us of the olden times when people would hide TV sets in these cumbersome-looking consoles. Anyway, this may be a good Trojan-horse kind of gift idea to get Mom to jump for a flat panel, that is, if you have an extra $400-$600 lying around for one of these costly frames.

Product Page [Pottery Barn, via Uncrate]

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Although I am normally a fan of wooden electronics (there are some very cool laptops retrofitted laptops with hardwood cases) this thing is a bad idea. If one were to mount it at the "normal" height for a picture as this ad seems to illustrate, it would be too high on the wall for comfortable viewing. This would be fine if they had some way to change the elevation and or viewing angle. But they have not, you have bolt it to your wall. And good luck with that. The ratio of wood to screen is also wrong, the frame is too obtrusive.