I just got my hands on the Flip Mino and I'm impressed with it so far. It's way thinner than it's big brother Ultra, but remains almost the same height and width, which is good because it's not small enough to lose. The USB placement is well hidden on this design and I think it's positioned to fit in the slot more conveniently than the Ultra. As you can see in the video sample above, it takes solid video, adjusting from diffuse outdoor lighting to dimmer indoor lighting with ease, and without a lot of noise. The touch-sensitive buttons weren't sensitive enough for me at first, but after fiddling with them a bit they worked fine. Also, I'm still not sure which side of the Li-ion/AA debate I am on, but the thought of having to charge this thing for a full three hours when it runs out of battery doesn't excite me. I'll be testing it out more to let you know my full opinion, but in the meantime, so far, so good. Check out the gallery after the jump. [Flip Video]

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